Cancer & Counselling

How May Counselling Help Me?

A diagnosis of cancer can evoke a whole range of feelings and emotions and leave you feeling fearful and isolated. While the support of family and friends is important, it is often useful to talk to a professional outside the family, someone who is trained to help you explore your feelings and emotions in order to find different ways of coping with the situation.

At Cancer Counselling London we offer confidential, specialist support, provided by a highly skilled team of therapists to help you face the many challenges that a diagnosis and its treatment can bring.

As a result of working with cancer patients and those close to them at all stages of the disease, we are aware that a cancer diagnosis affects not only the individual but the family too.  We offer support to individuals and couples facing:

  • The impact of a cancer diagnosis, its treatment and side effects
  • Relationship and psycho-sexual difficulties
  • Readjustment after treatment finishes
  • Returning to work
  • Managing expectations and the expectations of others
  • Managing ssues relating to relatives, friends and colleagues
  • Tensions arising out of treatment choices/ complementary approaches
  • The role of carers/supporters
  • Supporting children
  • Survivorship issues
  • Loss and beareavement

Counselling can be appropriate at any stage. If you are unsure about how it could help you, please contact your chosen therapist to discuss your needs. See the Who We Are link for contact details.